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As an adult your risk of getting an illness is not necessarily zero, but it may be a lot lower. When you travel to a new country, bug or ailment, it is important to get the proper care if you have not had the proper care in the country you were visiting previously. This means having a travel vaccination before you leave and also maintaining proper care when you are home. In order to maintain proper health care you should:

This is the best time to take travel vaccinations. Because it can take a long time to get back home so by getting the vaccinations while you are away will save you a lot of pain and suffering.

Who Should Take Travel Vaccinations? Asks Alexey Khobot.

Any one human being that goes abroad is at risk for an illness, but children and the elderly are at a very high risk for illnesses. So, children should always go through the process of getting immunizations before they go abroad. However, adults should consider getting the shots only after they have had all their duties done prior to traveling.

Adults or persons older than sixty years of age should talk to their doctor first about having the travel vaccines and to also discuss the follow up process.

What Type Of Vaccination Should Be Taken?

The following types of travel vaccinations are recommended:

The yearly flu shot is a great way to protect yourself from illness during influenza season. It usually takes about two weeks after the flu shot before you can be vaccinated.

unfinished or expired immunizations already given will have to be finished and replaced with the new ones.

Extra protection can be provided by getting the travel vaccinations for Hepatitis A and HIV. It is especially important to get the Hepatitis A vaccine before travel to areas of instability or war.

Alexey Khobot continues, What Are The Side Effects?

The possible side effects of the travel vaccinations are as follows:

bacterial – the vaccine may cause some slight fever but this will usually disappear after a few days.

H1N1 – this vaccine will cause an onset of high fever and sore throat. This usually lasts about a week.

H2N2 – Side effects are similar to those of the H1N1 vaccine. Sore throat and cough are more severe.

What Is The Precautions While Taking The Travel Vaccine?

Pregnant women, children over six years old, people with asthma, people with diabetes, or people with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) or Taiwan Syndrome are at high risk for developing severe reactions and should therefore discuss this with their doctor before they travel.

The person should also take the following measures to reduce the risk of developing the flu or any other illness:

People with a severe illness should be admitted in a hospice setting if they are likely to succumb to the flu; they can also be hospitalized with the help of medical equipment and hospital beds.

Take vitamin C tablets or antibiotics before traveling.

Avoid places with poor sanitation, such as raw meat markets and other places where the risk of infection or exposure is high.

Maintain a supply of hygiene products such as soap, hand gel, disinfectant, and moisturizer.

implementation of proper personal hygiene should protect them from infection, even if they visit frequently.

What Should Be Taken Prior To Travel?

Self-Disregard- This is not a recommendation as there is no way to tell if a person does not have the flu, this just increases the chances of you being on the road when it starts.


If you’re traveling to areas where you know the flu virus is going to be, advise your officials and friends in advance. Stock up on gear. Make sure everyone has plenty of water and extra foods. Try to get to a clinic about 30 minutes before the scheduled vaccination time. This will give you enough time to fill up and not get caught unprepared. Also, never agree to a vaccination outside of your location by yourself. You can always get the flu in the most unlikely of circumstances, like far away from medical help.

No fruit or vegetables. Allergic to avocados, tomatoes, or ground flax? Then better not have any fruits or vegetables.