What is Video Direct Mail and How Can Video Brochures Help?

We’re bombarded with advertising every day, in every form. So how do you make an impact? Direct mail is a way to get your brand or product in front of the people that matter. Cut through the clutter of digital marketing, boring leaflets and skippable video adverts with direct video mail.

You can choose who to send your promotional material to, so you can make sure the right people are being targeted. Video brochures are the perfect example of this marketing tactic, which gets the attention of your audience in a unique way.

Not sure what direct mail or video brochures are? This blog will look into how these tactics can make big impacts on your sales and brand awareness. From being able to send custom promotional videos to specific customers, to offering high ROI, here’s everything you need to know about how direct video mailers can improve your brand awareness and attract the right audience. 

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a way of advertising and promoting your brand or product to customers directly with physical promotional material. Through printed leaflets or video brochures, brands can target their audience specifically to attract attention and increase brand awareness. 

How Can It Be Effective for Marketing?

Some may think direct mail is dead, but that is far from the truth. It’s become a much less popular form of marketing, but that means there’s less competition – a big tick in the marketing world.

Direct mail is also proven to have a higher ROI than paid adverts. Direct mail is much more likely to be noticed, read and taken in by consumers due to being a physical product. Our emails are crammed with junk mail which users are more likely to ignore, delete or leave unopened. 

What is a Video Mailer?

A video mailer is what you would expect, direct mail in the form of a video. Video mailers are completely customizable which makes it such an experience for the audience. Video brochures are the product, video mailer refers to the delivery of the brochure.

You can make sure every customer gets a brochure suited to them, with a video that will engage and entice. And with the ability to change the brochure size, memory capacity, cover branding and more, you can attract customers specifically by altering brochures that will suit them. 

The Benefits of Video Brochure Direct Mail

There are plenty of reasons why video brochures are a successful marketing tool for reaching potential clients or customers. 

A Personal Experience

As they are fully customizable, brands can make video brochures and direct mail a very personal experience. Personalisation is key, and it’s a guaranteed way of getting someone’s attention. Remember the craze when Coca-Cola brought out coke bottles with people’s names on? Not only did it get everyone buying coke, but consumers were taking pictures and posting them all over social media, increasing brand awareness even further. Direct mail can be used in a similar way to attract an audience’s attention and to get them talking. 

Do What Everyone Else Isn’t

Yes, direct mail isn’t as popular as it used to be. But does that necessarily mean it’s bad? No, it just means that people are less used to it. Which is a good thing for brands. People are more likely to pay attention to things they haven’t experienced before.

If everyone started receiving tens of video brochures through their door every day, they wouldn’t be as impressed. That’s why doing things people aren’t is a great way of attracting attention. The surprise and uniqueness will be enough to impress them, making you memorable. 

Response Rate

When sending out direct mail, it is easy to calculate your response rate by simply dividing the number of people who responded with the total mailers sent. It is also known that responses to direct mail are increasing, not decreasing.

Make an Impact

Hopefully this article has helped explain what direct mail is and how video brochures can be the ideal tactic for making an impact with your customers. From higher ROI to being completely unique and customisable, video brochures are a great promotional tool that’ll help increase brand awareness and sales.

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