GumBallPay Payment Gateway: Cross-Border Payments

Card payment processing becomes increasingly complex for businesses expanding into new markets. They often face skyrocketing costs, as well as rising decline rates and other risk factors.

Fortunately, GumballPay offers solutions to mitigate those risks, taking care of card payment processing so that business owners can concentrate on what they really need to focus on: running and growing their business. The GumBallPay Payment Gateway processes payments at lightning speed, ensuring businesses receive payments as quickly as possible while presenting a reliable and secure 24/7 service.

GumBallPay facilitates fast and smooth transactions, accepting multi-currency payments from almost anywhere in the world. Incorporating comprehensive anti-fraud measures, it ensures a healthy, seamless and efficient transaction flow for the clients it serves.

The GumBallPay Payment Gateway allows businesses to easily and safely receive card payments from customers via their ecommerce sites. Capable of being integrated into most major shopping carts, it is 3D secured, reducing the risk of fraud.

GumBallPay compares rates across multiple banks in one easy-to-use platform. This platform is not owned or controlled by a bank, instead working with multiple banks to identify and pass on the best rates to merchants. Offering quick onboarding and compliance, GumBallPay enables clients to get trading in as little as just one week. It provides a bespoke merchant service tailored to the unique needs of each business it serves, leveraging industry relationships with banking partners to improve transaction approval rates.

GumBallPay’s powerful payment processing solutions have been created to help the businesses it partners with to succeed, taking the hassle out of payment processing so that business owners can continue working on their businesses and making them grow. In addition, this industry-leading platform operates a 24-hour merchant approval process and quick onboarding to ensure that the clients it serves can get up and running in as little as 48 hours.

Anyone spending money online expects to be able to pay by credit card. Card processors enable businesses to accept credit card payments. When consumers make purchases from an ecommerce site, they enter their card details and process transactions into a merchant account, usually via a card payment platform like GumBallPay. Funds are then transferred from the merchant account to the business owner’s bank account, or even refunded if necessary. Card processing enables businesses to branch out online, taking the hassle out of receiving card payments.

Every business is unique and each one needs the right solution in place to prevent interruptions, problems and delays in card processing during active business. GumBallPay helps the businesses it works with to offer the most effective credit card processing for them and their market sector, taking into account their merchant account solution and bank account provider.

Founded in 2019 with a core focus on providing ecommerce businesses with a full-service payment gateway solution, GumBallPay matches the passion of the businesses it partners with, leveraging the full breadth of its expertise and capabilities to make the business goals of each client a reality.


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