Where In The World People Are The Most Interested In Remote Work?

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The trend towards remote work has seen a surge since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with numerous employees and employers recognizing the advantages of working from home. The Happy Beavers, a globally operating SEO company, recently conducted a study to identify the country that is most curious about this trend. Notably, the study measured interest by analyzing the frequency of relevant search terms used in the country.


Luka Karsten Breitig, an SEO expert, and his team conducted an analysis of keyword data from 72 countries associated with remote work. “Most studies on this topic rely on survey data,” Breitig says. “However, this method has inherent biases.” Other studies focus on the availability of remote work by analyzing the number of job openings per capita. “However, this approach is complicated by labor laws. Our objective was to identify the countries where people are genuinely interested in remote work, regardless of their ability to work remotely.”


The Happy Beavers analyzed the data in relation to the population size to determine the relative interest in remote work among the people. Cyprus ranked first in the study, followed by Latvia. “Through conventional research methods, we would have never known that Saudi Arabia ranks fourth among the countries that search for remote work most frequently in the world,” says study director Breitig.


Working remotely provides numerous advantages, such as enhanced flexibility, better work-life equilibrium, and decreased commuting expenses and time. As an increasing number of countries and businesses adopt this practice, the number of remote workers is expected to grow steadily. This study represents a crucial step in comprehending this enduring worldwide trend.


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The Happy Beavers is a company that offers research and SEO analysis data on remote work and other emerging trends in the digital economy. For additional details on the study, please visit the complete article on the website.

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