Build an eco-friendly Eco-pod office by Philip Doleman

Every business has some needs to run smoothly and without any hurdles. But running a business should be maintained in proper management, keeping future outcomes in mind. With glossy designs and pleasant fixtures, your new eco-pod office should superbly gear your demands.

Are you come up with building a fantastic eco-friendly eco-pod office that could help you in solving all your business needs? It is a good idea, but the safety of the environment should be kept before every policymaking for business.

Philip Doleman designs eco-pods that are highly eco-friendly, having all the atmosphere safety measures in mind. So, his designs are perfect for building an eco-friendly office according to your desire.

Need for Eco-friendly Eco-pod:

We all are aware of the ozone layer that is getting thinner every year. With time, the atmosphere deteriorates, it directly implies on our social and environmental activities so that we will face more badly than ever.

The world we are living in will not be sustainable unless we take care of environmental hazards and improve our daily activates in a positive aspect.

So, this is why we came up with a fantastic eco-friendly eco-pod that can immensely solve all your needs of living.

Building an eco-friendly office:

Every morning, people use their cars to go to the office for work. It is somehow difficult to expect the life of a business person without cars. Still, there is a great idea of eco-pods that can be opted to ensure the safety of the environment.

These types of ideas greatly work for self-employed workers and business owners. They may want to invest in the building of an eco-pod to use as their office space.

  1. Planning of location:

The set-up and construction of eco-pods in any location, say home garden, or any purchased land is not difficult. For building an office in your large garden, you should first look at a few garden office building designs.

  1. Size and Dimensions:

You can select the size according to space once you have come up with proper planning of location. The largest standard size of an office eco-pod has dimensions 7.2 x 3.5 meters.

This standard-sized pod is more than enough to fit up to four individuals comfortably. So, if you employ staff members, they can also work with you at the office.

  1. Materials:

If you used high-quality flat panel heaters, windows and doors, and energy glass, the environmental standards would also remain high.

Moreover, adding a wireless thermostat will help you control the office temperature. The plug sockets along with internet connectivity and data points approach as caliber.


By having an eco-pod office from Philip Doleman’s designs in your garden, it offers you some benefits:

  • Keep the environment safe in luxury style
  • The eco-pod office is comparatively less costly
  • You don’t go for long distances
  • Save you costs of daily public transport tickets

Final Words:

Just imagine your life with office eco-pod at your home, some steps away from your living room to the back garden.

If we want our world safe for the descendants, we should focus on the least possible environmental damage. It is highly possible only if you follow the designs of Philip Doleman.

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