Things that make the bathroom panel better from tiles

Summer is already here and when it comes to renovating your house bathroom shouldn’t be ignored and that is why you need to choose a proper toilet and sink that will synchronize properly with the decor of your house. Many of them opt for the ceramic tiles for fitting the bathroom, which in actual can lead to much more difficult and it will be an expensive job that will also be time-consuming. So if you want to save that cost and time, then you should definitely opt for the Best Bathroom Wall Panels which are better in so many ways.

What are wall panels?

These wall panels are very easy when it comes to installation and it requires little maintenance. So the wall panels are basically made from the PVC material it has been designed for the shower. They will be attached to the walls by using screws and adhesive. So you will be getting different types of plastic panels that will be having different types of ranges in terms of finishes and styles and it will also include the tile effect and that is where it can replace the conventional tiles.

Wall panels versus tiles

  • When you will be opting for these wall panels it will be very durable and light weighted and will also have a finish that will give it a very high-quality touch. They will not only compliment the walls, but they are very simple and you can easily use adhesive and screws for installing. When it comes to opting for tiles one will need to lay the individual squares and it must be applied in a very correct manner and in straightway.

In this way, it will not only reduce the cost that is involved in the installation, but you can also use different types of pattern and it is quite cost effective and this is where wall panels win the game.

  • If you are opting for the shower wall panels then it will be waterproof. It will also help the bathroom from getting flooded with dark fungus and will help in maintaining hygiene. These panels won’t create any sort of grouting and hence the chance of becoming moldy is also less. If you are also opting for complimentary bathroom flooring, then this will also help with mold issues.
  • These wall panels will offer impressive texture and designs. One can easily use the cladding for having a bathroom with tiles effect. If your bathroom is having dim light and you need some brightness for creating a better effect, then you should definitely opt for the cladding of marble effect.
  • One of the worst parts of opting for tiles is you will need huge maintenance in order to keep it in good form. With tiles, one will have to clean them at least two times every week if the bathroom is having higher chances of condensation.

Tiles are considered to be fragile when compared to the wall panels. Looking into the pros and cons it can be concluded that wall panels are a great way of saving your time and cost but also a stylish way of renovating your bathroom.

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