Wash@Home: The Laundry Outsourcing Platform

Wash@Home’s game-changing laundry service connects busy parents and professionals with Laundry Heroes, enabling time-strapped individuals to outsource their laundry and free up their time to do the things they enjoy.

In the United States today, 79% of families lack access to a clothesline. The average family completes eight to ten laundry loads every week. With each load taking an hour and 27 minutes from wash to dry on average, keeping up with the laundry eats away at precious family time.

Wash@Home enables washees to offload their laundry chores, connecting time-poor people with individuals keen to make extra money. Anyone with access to a washing machine could start generating an attractive income from home as a Wash@Home washer. Alternatively, anyone with their own bike, car, van, or other mode of transportation could start making money by becoming a Wash@Home courier.

Outsourcing Laundry to Wash@Home

Washees place their order via the Wash@Home app, which is available for download via Google Play and the App Store. Washees load items in their virtual basket, selecting pick-up and drop-off times and locations that suit them, before completing the online checkout process.

Wash@Home offers a comprehensive, attractively priced range of laundry solutions for busy customers, including free, flexible collections and deliveries from 7am to 11pm.

Becoming a Wash@Home Washer

Anyone with access to laundry equipment, some spare time, and the desire to earn money could earn significant sums as a Wash@Home washer. Washers set their own schedule and make money on their own terms, choosing as much or as little work as they like. Prices are fixed by Wash@Home, with different tariffs for different laundry services, and 75% of client payments going straight to the washer. Wash@Home retains the remaining 25%.

If the customer selects a normal delivery speed, the washer typically has 48 hours to complete the order. Wash@Home also offers an express service, with orders turned around within 24 hours.

As well as washing and drying, washers can offer a range of different services including ironing and dry cleaning.

Becoming a Wash@Home Courier

Wash@Home typically assigns couriers with the orders closest to them within a 5-mile radius, although couriers can set their own maximum distance within the Wash@Home app.

Like washers, couriers work on their own terms, setting their own schedule. Wash@Home deliveries and collections operate between 7am and 11pm, with couriers working whichever hours they choose. Couriers receive a fixed fee of $9 per order.

Individuals interested in becoming a Wash@Home washer or courier must have no criminal convictions, be aged 18 or over, and provide proof of employment authorization in the United States. They will also need access to a smartphone operating either iOS 13 or Android 7 and above to operate the Wash@Home app.

Washers and couriers can earn up to $1,500 a month (or more) with Wash@Home, withdrawing earnings via the Wash@Home app.

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