Search Engine Marketing Tools by Sofiya Machulskaya


We know that SEO copywriting is the foundation of your search engine marketing campaign. But, what if you don’t have a SEO copywriter on your team? What if you’re in a non-holiday pregnancies industry and many of your competitors have deflected the high dollar/monthly search engine marketingQuestion:

If you’re in a non-holiday enterprise, and you’re attempting to run your organization and yourself, and you have to make the most (and seemingly endless) money… how can you possibly catch up and overtake those other enterprises that are receiving the largest portion of their advertising dollars from their online marketing efforts?

The trick to overlooking the competition… is to build your web site and business a step ahead… of your competitors!  By employing the five simple steps to Attract the High Targeted Traffic You Deserve, you will find that you have two choices: you can hire an expensive SEO copywriter to produce the kind of copy you desire, or you can try doing it all yourself and hope you’ve got the time to provide the high quality content that will keep the traffic coming.  Either way, you and your business are going to regret it.

Step 1:Identify the keywords and keyword phrases that you feel your prospects are searching for when they need a product or service.

Step 2:Use your keywords and keyword phrases in your web site and in your meta tags.

Step 3:Include the keywords and keyword phrases naturally in the body of your web pages, without overusing them.

Step 4:Get as many other websites and other pages of other websites linking to you as you possibly can.

Step 5:Get as many one-way links pointing to your site as you can, by visiting forums, social networks, and bookmarking sites, and by leaving comments with your website address pointing to your web site.

Some SEO copywriters and other so-called experts will tell you that building one-way links is the most difficult aspect of SEO.  They will tell you that it takes hundreds if not thousands  of one-way links before your web site will get ranked in the top pages of the search engines.  And there’s no way you can possibly get more than a few or at most a few hundred.

“In my opinion, that’s the most unimportant consideration in SEO.  And in fact there are several ways to get tens of thousands of one-way links pointing to your site in record time.” explains Sofiya Machulskaya

In an aggressive link-building campaign, you can use several of the popular automatic link networks to blast your links all over the internet. These networks can obtain the links in a short time, but that`s a whole other topic.

You can also use several of the more less automated methods to get your links posted. For example, dumping comments on a blog or posting on a forum with your website link included to bait people to visit your site can work. If your desired result is to drive traffic to your web site, that`s a great way to accomplish that.

And if you happen to know a lot of people with web sites, you can offer to swap links with them in exchange for a link to their web site. That would be a really good way to start your link building campaign. If you have a links page with a varied selection of targeted links, you will indeed improve your web traffic in the short term.

But millions of web users use the major search engines to find information and Therefore, there is no way that link building will ever be irrelevant.

Sofiya Machulskaya concludes: “it is my opinion that that link building is necessary for your web sites. If you can`t run your business the way you wish without using links, then you can`t run it at all. And that means you won`t be able to obtain the success that other web owners are enjoying today.”