The Wired Lobby have set their sights on opening in Spring 2023

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Exciting developments and new partnerships have heightened the expectations even further for the opening of the flagship esports venue in Captain Cook Square, Middlesbrough.

Work on site in Captain Cook Square is well underway for the opening of one of the most anticipated esports venues in the country, Middlesbrough Council are now more involved with the project which will see the ‘Gamers Paradise’ come to fruition.

The Wired Lobby in the square will be the flagship location for the franchise, there has been so much interest and the collaborations formed have expedited several aspects of the business plan. Having a venue for gamers to hang out on a social level whilst being able to work on the professional side of games development is a unique offering and has attracted the attention of various organisations around the world.

In December, The Wired Lobby announced their partnership with Tees Uni which sees the two organisations working very closely together on a wide range of projects which will benefit the students immensely by providing them a place to showcase and experience the world of esports. The Wired Lobby is collaborating with Tees Uni on social impact projects in the region to use esports as a way to engage with people not currently in education or employment.

The Katana Gaming partnership brings LAN and online tournaments to the franchise with some seriously good esports content. Weekend tournaments featuring teams from all over the UK and Europe along with full production for streaming.

Restart Racing are the sim racing partners and are the connection between sim racing and the world of professional motorsport. ‘Restart’ only formed in 2022 and in their inaugural season they won the TCR UK Championship and went on to represent GB in the World Games. Pro racing drivers will be in attendance at the venue and one of the TCR cars will be making a visit for fans to experience.

An exciting new addition for 2023 is the Restart Racing Junior Program, The Wired Lobby are supporting the project and this will see junior drivers practising on the professional race simulators, they are forming a junior sim racing team to complement the seniors team.

Esports and online gaming are one of the fastest growing industries with hundreds of millions viewing content online from all over the world, The Wired Lobby has partnered with a leading world wide magazine outlet to produce an online news with featured printed publications.

Part of the content creation will see multiple streaming channels showing what is going on in the multiple Wired Lobby venues around the world which leads onto the last piece of news, The Wired Lobby are operating a gamers radio station as a result of their partnership with Verve Radio. Features will include podcasting, music, events, venue events and award ceremonies.

The venue is set to open in spring 2023 and from the announcements and partnerships we can see that The Wired Lobby is going to be a place to be reckoned with in the world of gaming and esports.

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